Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hyperbole and a Half: Depression Part Two

I know I haven't updated this thing in a century or two, but I just had to share this.  This is EXACTLY what a major depressive episode feels like (or, doesn't feel like, when you're deep in it).  If you know somebody who suffers from depression or bipolar disorder, please read this.

Hyperbole and a Half: Depression Part Two


NerdOneirik said...

Thank you for the link! This is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment on the original post, but the maximum number of comments had been reached. Which is understandable given how amazing that was. The graphics were also stellar. This was very enlightening and helps me understand what my boyfriend is going through better than he's able to articulate. Thank you so much for posting this. said...


Healthline just launched a video campaign for bipolar disorder called "You've Got This" where bipolar patients can record a short video to give hope and inspiration to those recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

You can visit the homepage and check out videos from the campaign here:

We will be donating $10 for every submitted campaign to To Write Love On Her Arms, so the more exposure the campaign gets the more the videos we'll receive and the more Healthline can donate to research, support, and treatment programs for mental health disorders.

We would appreciate if you could help spread the word about this by sharing the You've Got This with friends and followers or include the campaign as a resource on your page:

Please let me know if this is possible and if you have any questions. And, if you know anyone that would be interested in submitting a video, please encourage them to do so.

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